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Night’N Bulles – Un air Jazzy des années 30 …
Du 15 octobre au 31 décembre 2017, pour 5 bouteilles achetées, 1 bouteille offerte sur la e-boutique (soit - 16.66% par bouteille, à partir de 24 bouteilles)
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Saumur Dry Premium

Saumur Mousseaux

The grapes draw all their character from the hillsides of Saumur. Then they are aged in tuffeau stone cellars for periods far longer than the legal requirements, using the traditional method.

The ‘Dry’ is a mild dosage between brut and demi-sec, with an intense bouquet.

It blends: Chenin Blanc 77% (including 20% reserve wines), Cabernet Franc 17%, Chardonnay 6%.


Price incl. VAT per 75 cl bottle

It has a light yellow colour, with fine, abundant bubbles. Its bouquet reveals itself to be intense, floral and fruity. Soft in the mouth, with floral notes.

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