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Saumur Prémium Millésimé Brut

Saumur Mousseux

Saumur is a typical wine from the banks of the Loire, harvested exclusively in Saumur and the surrounding area.

Effervescence takes hold during the second fermentation in the bottle (as per the traditional method) in the shelter of our tuffeau stone cellars. Tuffeau stone has a special ability to store the heat of the sun during the day and release it at night, providing ideal conditions for wine ageing. This Saumur Brut is a fine foaming wine offering a bouquet of fresh and dazzling flavours. Chenin 80%, Chardonnay 20%.


Price incl. VAT per 75 cl bottle

An intense yellow colour. At first the wine reveals intense aromas of candied white fruits, while the second aromatic level evokes nuts (including hazelnut). In the mouth, this Saumur Brut offers a wonderful initial impression and excellent balance. It releases white fruit aromas with an excellent long-lasting finish. A pleasantly well-rounded wine in the mouth.

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