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Cuvée Flamme Brut Rosé

Crémant de Loire

Picked by hand to preserve the grapes. Cuvée Flamme Rosé is a Crémant de Loire Rosé with a proud tradition, emblematic of the Gratien & Meyer house, which all wine lovers will adore. The second fermentation takes place in the bottle (as per the traditional method), in ancient underground tuffeau stone cellars where mineral elements promote effervescence as the wines age.

It blends: Pinot Noir 55%, Chenin Blanc 30%, Chardonnay 15%.

A delicate pink colour and fine, smooth bubbles. Aromatics which open with floral and fresh fruit notes, including redcurrant. In the mouth, its fresh, light quality is revealed through citrus notes. The finish is forthright and direct, with citrus zest and elderberry aromas.